3D Illustration-Why is the Picture Worth more than a Thousand Words?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 3D product illustration must be worth a million. This old adage indicates that a single still image can communicate the significant value of an object more effectively than a simple verbal description. Bring in a 3D illustrator and you have an image that is beyond photo realistic. The image has no blemishes or manufacturing marks unless needed and it allows your customer to actually see and experience your products.

Architects, builders and interior designers were the first to see the inherent possibilities of 3D illustration. By using 3D instead of 2D, they could show clients what a furnished building would actually look like inside.  No more leaving it to the client’s imagination.

Today, businesses are embracing 3D imaging for everything from product design to end user marketing. There are many advantages to using 3D images, the most obvious being the ability to allow the customer to physically experience the design. Some of the more important advantages of 3D imagery include:

  1. Cost Savings – The image can be updated or revised at any time without having to schedule a new photo re-shoot. With 3D product illustration, bad weather and client changes will no longer delay a project or cause it to go over budget.
  2. Promotional Benefits – Illustrations can be produced for a product that is in the manufacturing stage but not yet on the market. This allows a company to promote the product and even start accepting pre-orders.
  3. Total Product Illustration – Zoomed in close ups can be easily produced where photography would most likely require an expensive macro lens. In addition, 3D illustrations can be used on items that no camera could ever demonstrate properly. Tiny core mechanisms can be exploded in a cutaway to show the crucial internal workings of a product or device.
  4. Better Quality Imagery – Graphic designers can spec color exactly while photos must be color corrected, a process that can be tricky at best, with certain colors. Lighting problems can be avoided or quickly fixed. This added together means very little if any photo retouch on the final image.

For marketing budgets, 3D images have shown to be a strong addition to the overall promotional mix. This is especially true for products that require compelling visual detail to effectively communicate with customers.

JP Enterprises Unlimited has a team of experienced 3D visual artists who have created 3D illustrations for a number of our Fortune 500 clients. Here are some examples of our work.

Mitch Rhine is Partner and Creative Director at JP Enterprises Unlimited. Mitch lives and breathes in the visual spectrum. Whether it’s print or digital design/publishing for catalogs, advertisements or illustrations, drawing or painting his work carries a WOW factor. Under his leadership, the JPE design team has won many awards. His most recent, winning Platinum from the MarCom Awards for e WESCO’s VIP Destinations loyalty program magazine.

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