5 More Reasons to Use Email Marketing

In a previous blog post, I listed five reasons why you shouldn’t discount the benefits of email marketing as a part of your overall marketing strategy. Still not convinced that email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels out there? Here are five more reasons why it truly is:

Permission-based marketing

With permission-based marketing, your audience opts-in to receive marketing communications from you. In other words, your audience is telling you that they want to see what you are sending out. Your subscribers seek and expect communications from your company. When your subscribers are familiar with your email cadence, they will anticipate receiving them. Not too many other marketing channels have this advantage.

Custom content

Marketing emails allow you to customize your content using list segmentation. Segmentation can be based on demographics, behaviors, or even a specific interest. A clothing store, for example, could send two personalized emails — one about women’s clothing and one about men’s. Or, a national brick-and-mortar store could inject content about where the closest location is in relation to the recipients’ home addresses. You probably already know from shopping online that online retailers attempt to boost sales by sending you customized emails about products you’ve already shown an interest in. That’s because targeted emails have been proven to increase sales.


Email is everywhere, and with the popularity of mobile devices, people can view them from almost anywhere. The majority of Americans now own a smartphone, and not surprisingly, most emails are read on a mobile device. Despite a somewhat popular misconception, email isn’t going anywhere. Email marketing is, and will remain, a popular marketing channel.

Build trust

Marketing emails can help build trust between you and your audience. For instance, you can educate your audience about your expertise and industry knowledge through email newsletters. In addition to encouraging customer loyalty, it’s also just another way to connect users to your brand.

Drive traffic

Marketing emails can increase traffic to your website and social media accounts. They’re also a great way to cross-promote multiple campaigns. For example, for a new product launch, a store can send an email broadcast announcing the new product and drive traffic to that product’s page on your website. What a perfect opportunity for them to browse your site and see what else is going on? Also, when used correctly, social media and email can complement each other through multi-channel engagement. Most marketing emails include links to the company’s social media accounts and website somewhere within the email (typically in the footer).

When used correctly, email marketing is one of most effective, and affordable, marketing channels available. With countless advantages and a high ROI, email marketing should be a large part of your marketing toolbox. Make sure to reap these email marketing benefits in 2015!

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