Best Practices for Social Media Part Two: Twitter

Twitter is important for your social marketing strategy for many reasons, the most obvious being that, According to Twitter’s Q3 earnings report, it has 336 million monthly active users and is one of the biggest social networks in the world. There are over 69 million Twitter users in the U.S. alone. Chelsea Roeser from JP Enterprises Unlimited explains how to make Twitter work for your business

Many important factors go into your SEO strategy on the daily, but here are some reasons you definitely want to keep Twitter as a frontrunner in your campaign.

  • Twitter is a good way to get to news quickly and easily. In fact, 74% of users say they use this platform to get their news fix. With the small amount of characters used per tweet, it’s the fastest way to get your news before work or on the fly throughout the day.
  • You get real-time feedback from Twitter. Each time your tweet gets liked, shared, etc., you get a notification and hopefully many RT’s will be in your future.
  • A greatly optimized presence on Twitter takes on greater meaning nowadays because the most valuable tweets are searchable on Google.
  • Tweeting can be done more than once a day. Small tidbits of information a few times a day are less likely to make anyone annoyed or irritated than posting a few times on another social network and posting too much text at a time (because you can).

Keywords and hashtags are a HUGE part of the Twitterverse and come up in Google searches and searches on the network quickly and effectively. Using images and links in tweets also keeps people interested, and more people engaged in general. More than 100 million tweets had gifs in 2015.

  • Verification badges prove to people that you’re not just some bot on the internet. This means you were verified by many users and likely won’t show up in r/totallynotrobots. You are a human (according to the internet at least)!
  • Using Twitter is a good way to build/rebuild your brand. Even restaurants have been getting in on this trend in the past few years and posting cheeky comments that users are likely to interact with and enjoy, which only makes them stronger.
  • Getting on the tweet carousel is easier than it seems! The tweet carousel is defined as this: “The new promoted Tweet Carousel allows advertisers to curate multiple tweets within a single swipeable ad unit to tell a rich and compelling story. Advertisers can tweet with videos, images, or text from their own Twitter account.” by Search Engine Land.
  • Twitter contests, giveaways, and polls are the way to go! Millennials, and almost anyone really, love giveaways and the chance to win free stuff. Polls are a way to participate, also, and keep users connected to your brand. Some companies even use them as “brand wars” or to talk back to their customers or fans.
  • Backlinks, having social authority, and direct links to your or your company’s site are very important parts of Twitter, also, and should be to your brand, too. Mentions and Twitter site buttons are immensely useful in search results. Twitter is a game-changer in this way. 

Using Twitter at Conferences

  • Twitter is essentially a way to share all of your experiences live while at an interesting conference for your industry. This is one of the most fun ways to go about your days at a conference, and will earn you many followers and fellow tweeting friends along the way.
  • Generating buzz around your part in the conference before, during, and after the event is huge! Twitter can be the most important tool you have at your fingertips because you can share videos, images, and just plain text telling everyone what is happening every minute of the day. This is especially important for users who couldn’t attend the event. ThinkGeek is great at this. When SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) is going on every year, they tweet constantly, letting their followers know what they’re giving away each day and repeating where they’re located on the con floor, in case any followers missed their previous tweets.
  • Live tweeting is important in this way, also. Watching something live is much more interactive, and makes users feel like they’re at the event, and not just missing everything by the minute. This may even get people hyped enough to start asking questions and have in-the-moment discussions, which is a very skillful way to keep the audience’s attention. Coming up in those Google searches can’t hurt either!
  • Tweeting about logistical info is genuinely helpful. Figuring out where your booth is, directions to the conference arena, and information about networking mixers are things that pretty much everyone is searching for before and during said conference. Why not help a person out and get ranked on Google at the same time?
  • Local information is beneficial for everyone, also. When you’re new to an area, you don’t know the best restaurants, ways to get around, or where the local drugstore is located, which can be insanely important when you’re traveling. When I forget my toothbrush while in Chicago, I NEED to know where to get one. If you help me out, I’ll owe you big time! I’ll probably give you a follow too.

Don’t know enough about Twitter yet? You can always reach out to us with more questions! Twitter can take 18 quintillion user accounts after all is said and done, and that seems like pretty pertinent information for someone looking to build their brand.

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