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Should You Promote Your Company’s Altruistic Work?

Being more interested in who knows rather than who it helps can show selfish motivations that take the “good” out of “good deeds.”

Patriotic Advertising: Buy Now for the Red, White and Blue

American” holidays pepper the calendar year. Each one brings a barrage of ads advising you, gentle consumer, that This Is The Absolute Best Time for an Unbeatable Deal on a fill-in-the-blank.

You Wouldn’t Use a Bicycle Chain for a Chain Saw

At JP Enterprises we are proud to be a partner with Modern Campus as an official design and content partner within Omni CMS. Modern Campus and JP Enterprises have teamed up to inspire prospective students to take a journey engaging them every step of the way from admission through alumni donor.

Going Global with Your Online and Traditional Catalogs? Prepare to Go Local

More businesses are looking past international borders to reach new customers. Research shows that the best way to establish a foothold in a new country is to meet customers on their terms.

8 Reasons to use 3D Animation

Who can forget when Andy opened his last birthday gift, a Buzz Lightyear action figure launching us from infinity to beyond. Children were delighted to watch toys come to life and look real. Adults wondered how did they do that?

3D Illustration-Why is the Picture Worth more than a Thousand Words?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 3D product illustration must be worth a million.

How to Fix the 4 Challenges of Email Marketing

I have been able to tap into my experience to help develop illio, a ground-breaking new JP Enterprises’ custom-built workflow management marketing platform.

The Five Elements of a Great Website Front-End Design.

Design the website with end-users in mind. Understanding their demographics helps in choosing design elements that give the target market a positive experience. This rewarding experience will yield more traffic and better search engine page results.

5 Mistakes that Businesses Make Using a DIY Drupal or WordPress Website Template

Each day more and more companies struggle with the decision of building their own website using either one of these free or low-cost templates or hiring an agency to develop their site. Here’s 5 reasons why it might not be such a good idea to do it yourself.

How to Write Marketing Copy in a COVID-19 World

If you have a product or service to offer that helps in any way, including by keeping businesses operating and people gainfully employed, stick to good marketing copywriting principles — with an added dash of sense and sensibility.

SEO Part 3 – How to Keep Your Google Rankings Strong.

You now have a website strategy, your web copy is well written with keywords throughout, and the site map and […]

Bringing the SEO Strategic Plan to Life SEO Part 2

There’s a number of options to help you in finding new descriptive words and phrases. This includes a few free options. One that I like is … Read more

How to Start Your Website Search Engine Optimization Plan

SEO is not chasing some elusive algorithm but is a set of good business rules because isn’t an algorithm just a set of rules to be followed while solving a problem or answering a question?

Catalogs Connect with Customers During Pandemic

Prior to COVID-19, research had noted a resurgence in catalogs as a marketing tool. Once written off as expensive dinosaurs unsuited for a mobile age, catalogs demonstrated an uncanny survival instinct. Some analysts believe that customers see a catalog as a welcome change of pace from today’s barrage of email and text marketing.

How to Navigate Your Business Through Tough Economic Times

Navigate your business during tough economic times. Paul Brierly, President and CEO of JP Enterprises discusses leading a business in an economic downturn.

Are Print Catalogs Still Relevant in Today’s Marketplace?

With an ever-growing ecommerce industry resulting in marketing tactics focusing on the digital realm, some may wonder how pertinent the […]

Best Practices Social Media – Part Three How to Make Instagram Your New Marketing Best Friend

There’s really no good reason to not use Instagram, considering it has 800 million active monthly users, (TechCrunch). It’s the […]

Best Practices for Social Media Part Two: Twitter

Twitter is important for your social marketing strategy for many reasons, the most obvious being that, According to Twitter’s Q3 [...]

Best Practices for Social Media Part One: Facebook

Social media is an important factor in the overall media mix. Used properly, it can promote products, enhance SEO efforts […]

How Does GDPR Affect American Companies?

So, what is GDPR? If I don’t have a British accent I don’t have to worry about it, right? WRONG! […]

Is There Something More Than a Little Wrong With Your Website Content?

My website content is not working  Occasionally a client comes to JP Enterprises Unlimited lamenting about the wretched state of […]

How Do You Estimate the Length of a Catalog?

One of the first questions clients ask when they hand us a new catalog assignment is: How many pages will […]

Six Points to Consider When Hiring an Agency

Today’s marketing executives face more challenges than ever before. Staffs are smaller. So are budgets. A digital marketing strategy is […]

Developing Writers, Part 3 of 3: Learning Curves

In this final installment of Developing Writers, we discuss the three learning curves that challenge most new ecommerce content developers. […]

Developing Writers: Part 2 of 3: The Joy of Mentoring

In my previous blog I wrote about onboarding new writers. Today we move the discussion to a future state immediately […]

Developing Writers, Part 1 of 3: On-Boarding Tips

So after an exhaustive two-month search you’ve filled your staff vacancy. Your new writer stands before you, wide-eyed and ready […]

Writing Online for the Modern Web Reader

Did you know that, according to Copyblogger, 80% of people will read your web headlines, but only 20% of those people […]

How to Build Relationships With Your Customers

Today, more than ever, our society can be plugged in and connected with others in milliseconds. No matter our location […]

4 Hacks for Good E-Commerce Content Governance

E-Commerce content managers understand that managing a CMS is like herding cats. Intake channels, access points and your own team […]

Content 102: How to Think Like an E-Commerce Writer

Writing E-commerce content differs from traditional marketing copywriting in one important way. When writing a product description for the web, […]

JP Enterprises Creative People: Video Production

JP Enterprises’ Chelsea Roeser interviews Jason Ellwanger, Video Production Designer at JPE, about the art of videography. Q: What do […]

Content 101: What Is a Differentiator?

One of the core skills for an ecommerce content developer is understanding how to (1) describe an individual product in […]

Black History Month: Blacks in Baseball

February marks Black History Month as well as the start of baseball spring training. Let’s mark these occasions with a […]

Data Migration: Content Perspectives Part 3 of 3: From One CMS to Another

Previously we discussed planning and data modeling for a content migration system (CMS). In this final segment we cover what […]


Previously we covered planning for a content migration. Today we’ll examine the elements of a Data Model. Your Data Model […]

Content Manager’s Guide to CMS Migrations – Part 1 of 3: Your First CMS

So your company finally made the big investment to install a content management system (CMS) for the first time. Smart […]

Four-Step Recipe for a Content Audit

E-marketers and web managers: When was the last time you did a content audit of your website? Unless you recently […]

5 Reasons to Clean Up Your Web Content

If you manage an ecommerce website, when was the last time you reviewed your web pages from top to bottom? […]

Content Development: Balancing Quality vs. Quantity

Good Enough is the new Perfect. – Anonymous. The question has confounded content developers since the first prehistoric writer scrawled a […]

The Art of Critical Decision-Making: Six Things We Can Learn From Food Network’s Chopped

So many TV game shows follow a familiar script: Contestant vs. Clock. Whether on the collaborative Family Feud, the puzzle-solvers’ […]

Choosing a Content Services Partner

Today, more and more companies invest in a content management system (CMS), and for good reason. In a world of […]

Errata and the Hidden Value of Attention to Detail

For want of a nail, the shoe was lost. – Anonymous. The proverb above, borrowed from an ancient poem, is a cautionary […]

Catalog Printing Methods

When it comes to printing your catalog, there are several different printing methods from which to choose. In order to […]

Help! Acrobat Text Recognition Won’t Work on My PDF

In a previous blog, Tips for Eliminating Tedious, Mundane Tasks in Adobe Acrobat, I talked about how you can convert a […]

How to Improve Your Email List in 2015

Can you believe it’s 2015 already?! As a marketer, you will need to be ahead of the curve. In addition […]

Public Relations Primer Part 3: Using Quotes to Spice Up Your Press Release

This is the third installment in the Public Relations Primer series. Read Part 1, How to Write a Darn Good Press […]


Graphic designers are known for their attention to detail. They are trained to look for the “little things” that the […]


This is the second in the multi-part Public Relations Primer series. Read Part 1, How to Write a Darn Good Press […]

16 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Every company wants to drive more traffic to their website — because increased traffic means greater opportunity to generate leads […]

Public Relations Primer Part 1: How to Write a Darn Good Press Release

If you work in marketing communications for a small to medium-sized organization, chances are good that you don’t have a […]

How to Prepare Print-Ready Files: A Checklist

Print management is one of the many services we offer at JP Enterprises. We can’t stress enough how important it […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Using Webinars for Marketing

If you’ve ever seen the opening to the History Channel’s reality show, Pawn Stars, you know what Rick Harrison says is […]

Why “Above the Fold” Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Years ago, the rule of thumb for designing emails was to have the main content — especially the CTA — […]

How to Design a Product Catalog Part 3

This is Part 3 of a three-part series dedicated to product catalog design. Read Part 1: Layout and Functionality Read Part 2: […]

How Non-Seos Can Avoid Getting a Google Penalty

Everyone wants to rank on Google, and many people will do anything to get there… as long as they can […]

How Long Should My Marketing Email Be?

We receive this question quite often: How long should my marketing email be? It is understandable. In high school and […]

The Rewards and Risks of Using Outlook File Templates (.oft)

Do you have the need to send the same e-mail over and over? Microsoft Outlook has a convenient file format […]

Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Social Media

As a career marketer, I love when everyday life surprises me with little Marketing 101 lessons that reinforce the basics. […]

Shake It Up: SEO Copywriting Tips for Eliminating Duplicate Content

It’s always been a fairly common practice for smaller distributors or resellers to use the manufacturers’ product descriptions in their […]

How to Design a Product Catalog Part 2

This is part 2 of a 3-part series dedicated to the design of a product catalog. Read Part 1: Layout and […]

A Beginners Guide to Starting an E-Newsletter

If you haven’t sent out one marketing e-mail, starting with an e-mail newsletter might be a stress-free way to ease […]

Old Dogs, New Tricks, and SEO

I received my university education in journalism, public relations, and English during Ronald Reagan’s first term as President, so it’s […]

Boost Your Site Traffic With a Content and Social Media Strategy

When I was hired to take care of the SEO and social media for JP Enterprises, the company was planning […]

10 Common E-Mail Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

E-mail marketing can deliver a great return on your marketing investment. To ensure that you achieve the highest results, include […]

12 Significant Web Development Acronyms and What They Mean

When it comes to web development, acronyms abound. I want to delve into is the 12 most significant web development […]

The Power of “You” in B2B Marketing Copy

Back in December, in High School English vs. Marketing Copy that Sells (Part 2), I touched briefly on the importance of using […]

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore E-Mail Marketing

1. Best ROI for any Marketing Channel Research has shown e-mail marketing is the leader when comparing the Return-On-Investment (ROI) for other […]

Tips for Eliminating Tedious, Mundane Tasks in Adobe Acrobat

As a marketing communications professional, you need to focus on being strategic and creative, not waste half your day on […]

How to Design a Product Catalog Part 1

Layout and Functionality By: Mitch Rhine This is part 1 of a 3-part series dedicated to the design of a […]

5 More Reasons to Use Email Marketing

In a previous blog post, I listed five reasons why you shouldn’t discount the benefits of email marketing as a part […]

An Interview With JP Enterprises Creative: Mitch Rhine

After working with people for any number of years, you think you know them. Then you interview them about their […]