Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Using Webinars for Marketing

The Content Marketer's Guide to Webinars (eBook)

If you’ve ever seen the opening to the History Channel’s reality show, Pawn Stars, you know what Rick Harrison says is the best part about owning his Las Vegas pawn shop: “You never know what’s gonna come through that door.”

Although we don’t see samurai swords or Jimi Hendrix’s guitar here at JP Enterprises, there’s still a certain element of never knowing what’s going to come through the door on any given day that makes the job extra interesting.

One such project earlier this year was an ebook titled, The Content Marketer’s Guide to Webinars, by Shelby Britton of Adobe, for which we provided editorial and design/layout services. I learned so much about webinars while editing this book and was itching to try it out by the time we finished the project. So far, I haven’t personally had the opportunity to use the knowledge, but it might come in handy for you.

If your company has a webinar program or is considering starting one, you need this ebook.

Here’s why.

  1. Information you can use — The ebook is super educational, filled with helpful hints, and covers areas such as:
    • Why, if, and how you should add webinars to your content marketing mix
    • Producing a successful webinar program
    • Webinar roles and responsibilities
    • How to engage your webinar audience
    • Generating quality leads with webinars
  2. No sugar coating — Nobody wants to go into something blind. The author makes it clear that a webinar program, like marriage, is a serious commitment, not to be taken lightly. You’ll gain a good understanding of what kind of time, expertise, and resources are required to do it right.
  3. Statistical benchmarks — After reading this book, you’ll have industry statistics against which you can measure the success of your webinar program and optimize your efforts for maximum return. For instance, did you know that, on average, only 30–40 percent of people who register for a non-paid webinar actually attend, but if you send a post-event email containing a link to the webinar recording to all registrants (both attendees and non-attendees), 55 percent will view it?
  4. Entertainment value — As information-packed as this book is, it’s also a surprisingly good read. Shelby Britton is a talented writer with a great voice and sense of humor. You might even catch yourself laughing out loud a few times, as I did.
  5. Unbeatable deal — You can download The Content Marketer’s Guide to Webinars ebook for FREE in PDF format.

“Creating this eBook with JP Enterprises was a pleasure. They did a fantastic job editing it and really brought it to life in a visually appealing way.” -Shelby

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