How to Build Relationships With Your Customers

Today, more than ever, our society can be plugged in and connected with others in milliseconds. No matter our location on the globe or how “busy” we all keep ourselves, being connected seems to rank pretty high on our priority lists. However, there has been a great decline in relationship-building within our society.

Although connections and relationships both share meaning, connections do not necessarily result in a relationship. When building solid relationships, it is required, for both parties involved, to meet each other in the middle. When a relationship is one-sided, you simply have a trivial connection.

In order to thrive, we all need solid relationships in our lives. The same can be said for a marketing agency. We are in the people-person business, servicing, guiding, and partnering with people. It is vital to an agency’s success to establish good, solid, and long-lasting relationships.

Our company has proven success in this practice by building and maintaining valuable relationships with our clients. There isn’t an elaborate strategy or a “how to” manual we follow. It is basic and sincere. The “client” isn’t perceived, in our eyes, as one with such a serious title, but rather perceived as a partner, ally, and collaborator.

From their first interaction with us, our clients can see that we operate in a very personal, non-corporate fashion. We play on the same level as our clients and do not position ourselves otherwise. We are interested in a relationship, not just a connection. We try to keep things light, but honest at the same time. If a client proposes a direction for the project that could compromise quality, we share our expertise and educate them, so they learn more about the process and are better equipped for the next project.  

We are often asked our professional and personal opinions regarding our client’s ideas. They have invested trust in us and we are forthright when giving our feedback, even if this results in less profit for our company. You must be upfront in a relationship, and ultimately, we want what is best for our clients. When our clients thrive, we, in turn, thrive.

Communication is a key factor in relationship building; not only communicating about the project but communicating on a deeper level.
We have developed relationships where we know clients’ family members and pets’ names, what their favorite vacation destination is, and we listen when they need an outlet to share thoughts that they may not be comfortable sharing in their own work environment. They are at ease with us. They can wear their jeans when visiting our office and talk to us in a “real” sense—no judgment here.  

When in between projects, staying in touch and keeping everyone engaged is important to maintaining the relationship.
We check in with our clients regularly, finding out the latest news on their end, and sharing what we’ve been up to as well.

It’s not all that complicated. When both parties can appreciate the value each one can offer, and time is invested in helping each other grow, you gain a solid relationship that can only get better over time.

Tanya Petrus is a Senior Designer and Catalog Manager for JP Enterprises. Being a mother and wife along with her passion for cooking brings her peace and joy.

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