How to Fix the 4 Challenges of Email Marketing

My role at JP Enterprises has significantly transformed over the last 12 years. I started in tactical email design and production. Now I collaborate with our clients in developing strategic marketing campaigns and initiatives. As Director of Marketing Automation, I am passionate about email marketing. I see it as the vital cog in the multichannel marketing machine.

Recently, I have been able to tap into my experience to help develop the ground-breaking new JP Enterprises’ custom-built marketing platform, illio.  Our first initiative was to uncover the common pain points that all clients regardless of industry and company size experience while implementing email campaigns. We compiled this data from both clients and our marketing automation team.  From this we identified the common threads and found that most if not all experience the following four challenges:

Challenge 1: Email broadcast reporting delay.

Having current broadcast stats is crucial for campaign pivots. This allows problems to be corrected immediately. Marketers can immediately see the hard bounces, soft bounces, and blocked bounces. Perhaps an email address had a typo or domain name was misspelled. Knowing who did NOT receive the broadcast on the day of the broadcast can be a pivotal step in data cleansing. This also gives plenty of time to fix any mistakes and resend the email to the correct address.

Solutionillio delivers broadcast details as soon as the “Send broadcast” button is clicked.

Challenge 2: Remembering to communicate all project requirements before the work begins.

It is difficult to remember every detail associated with a campaign. Try going to the grocery store without a list. It’s inevitable that something will be missed.

Solution: illio provides a robust new project request form that dynamically changes based on project needs.  The platform walks users through a step-by-step process to build engaging marketing campaigns including newsletters, virtual events, or landing pages.

Challenge 3: Billing information emailed separately from the project request.

Trying to find an email from 6 months ago is like trying to find a needle in a haystack and making changes to an invoice sent to the wrong person is extra work for everyone.

Solution: illio features a centralized portal to search and filter project billing. The Statement of Work (Retainer) tab in illio displays the financial history of the account, showing itemized credits and debits. Users can also monitor financial activity and be notified by the system when a retainer balance is low.

Challenge 4: Not having the ability to edit response data.

Data entry mistakes happen.

Solution: illio allows project owners to edit registration data. We even give users the option to remove duplicate responses. Editing the source data is a huge time saver for lead routing and everyone involved in the project.

The complete illio solution

We created a user-friendly streamlined platform that is easy to navigate and most importantly keeps our clients’ campaigns running at a maximum level of efficiency. 

We will continue to seek client input to ensure that this new email management solution will always be up to date with market needs. A current short-term plan is offering a white label version of the software that will provide our customers the ultimate flexibility in using the platform… so stay tuned!

Lindsy Bushmire is the Director of Marketing Automation at JP Enterprises. During her free time, she enjoys winning games against her two sons, although she is no longer the reigning queen of Mario Kart. 

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