How to Start Your Website Search Engine Optimization Plan

Back in the mid 1990’s I was in graduate school working on my MBA and making a living in the newspaper industry. I remember being in a web learning workshop class and reading online news stories about then President Bill Clinton. Doesn’t seem very revolutionary now, but back then, it hit me. What if everyone started reading this? Who would need newspaper delivery? Fast forward today, I earned my MBA and got out of newspapers in the nick of time. I’ve been game fully employed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since the early 2000’s.

Since my first SEO job, I have found that factors involving how I helped customers have changed, Florida, Vince, Caffeine, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird come to mind, but the fundamental marketing concepts have not. I remember one of my online marketing professors stating that SEO is not chasing some elusive algorithm but is a set of good business rules because isn’t an algorithm just a set of rules to be followed while solving a problem or answering a question?

What does this stroll down the SEO memory lane mean to you and your business? It means that while SEO can get a little complicated, for the most part it involves practicing long held good business methods to increase your website’s online visibility.

At this point, it’s important to remember that SEO is not something to think about after your brand new website is live. It should be the place where you start your strategy and every other tactical decision made in building the new site should spring starting with the five Journalistic Ws and an H that are featured below:

  • The first and most important is defining the Who of your customer base?
  • What words do they use when they search for your products or services online?
  • When do they need your product or service?
  • Why do they need your product or service?
  • Where are they looking for you?
  • How do they find you?

Once you answer these questions, you’re ready for the second step, optimizing copy and images. I’ll discuss that in next week’s Blog. Take care and stay safe.

Denise Hartman is the SEM director for JP Enterprises Unlimited. She lives in the South Side Slopes of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband Bill, son Teddy and cat Charlie.

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