Is There Something More Than a Little Wrong With Your Website Content?

My website content is not working

 Occasionally a client comes to JP Enterprises Unlimited lamenting about the wretched state of their web content. On face value the statement is dire. But experience teaches us that while there is usually a kernel of truth somewhere, this statement is broad and unspecific. The real “problem” might be content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or something quite different.

 The discovery begins by asking the client questions.

  •  What is the source of the statement? Customer feedback? Sales team? Your own opinion?
  • Is it possible for a customer to place and order from the website within 2 clicks or less?
  • Is the site easy to navigate by search and internal links?
  • Are the product pages well organized and attractive?
  • Is product information easy to find, organized and complete enough to enable an informed purchasing decision?
  • Are SEO best practices being used on the website?
  • Do you offer enhanced product image features such as scroll-and-zoom or 360° views?
  • Are downloadable manuals, videos or other information about the product easy to find?
  • Does the website have an abandoned cart policy in place?
  • Are shipping prices and return policies easy to find?
  • Does the content speak to the target market? Has it been proofread for spelling, grammar, punctuation and language? Does it avoid country-specific jargon? Who authors the content?
  • Does your site offer the ability to compare products, fill a shopping cart and easily complete a purchase?
  • Are there any outdated pages or broken links?
  • Does the website track on Google Analytics?

The answers to these questions help us to determine a course of remedial action. Sometimes a content audit is needed to dig deeper.

As we said up front, the real problem may be with your content, or it may not. It can take some time and you may have to hire outside help, but the rewards are always worth the work and investment.

Dan Skantar is Director of Content Services for JP Enterprises Unlimited.

Denise Maceyko Hartman is Marketing Strategist for JP Enterprises Unlimited.

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