Adobe Marketing Automation

JP Enterprises’ relationship with Adobe began in 2006 with producing print marketing materials. Since then, JP Enterprises’ marketing services for Adobe have branched out to a wide spectrum of services, including marketing automation. While adhering to brand guidelines and the industry’s best practices, JP Enterprises designs and develops custom HTML e-mail templates, event landing/registration sites, and overall campaign management. Our HTML templates are custom-built, proven to display consistently on all major email clients and internet browsers by following our meticulous testing process.

JP Enterprises developed illio, a revolutionary event marketing platform, that not only provides Adobe marketing personnel to download current online registrants and email broadcast statistics, but also offers an ability to clean data in real time for precise lead routing. illio also has numerous Adobe-focused features that allow project creators to control permissions within their own verticals or internal groups.

Through illio, JP Enterprises is able to deploy campaigns with very short lead times and provide targeted analytics on each specific program to better gauge overall effectiveness.