SEO Part 3 – How to Keep Your Google Rankings Strong.

You now have a website strategy, your web copy is well written with keywords throughout, and the site map and design are easy to navigate and visually pleasing. The next item to review are your website’s images.

Why are image file names important?

Many web developers just name files with any easy combination of words and numbers. The internet abounds with images named, This is a time to give your website some image search mojo. Do away with the non-descript name. In the case of JP Enterprises, we have another company in another part of the world with a vastly different business model who will always out rank us because of its enormous product line. This fact has pushed us into branding the name JP Enterprises Unlimited. This tells Google that we have a similar name as the other JP Enterprises but we are not the same. We have since created a naming schema for all of our image files and it goes like this:

Why do we do this? Go ahead and open up another tab on your Browser, I’ll wait. Type in an image search for JP Enterprises Unlimited. Cool, right? You’ll see JP Enterprises Unlimited logos, our client logos, employee photos and pictures of our building. If you click on any of those images, they’ll take you to our website. Here’s the official rule, images can help give search engines a better idea of what your webpage is about and when you optimize images for SEO you help your rank for image searches.

How to make a file naming schema.

Make a naming schema for your image files. The easiest is:  Don’t leave spaces or the names will look weird or maybe not even appear. Add dashes between the words so that the names can be read and understood easily. One word of caution, create the file name as small as possible. The maximum length is 256 characters but shorter is better.

Timely, interesting and helpful Blogs are a necessity.

The next item is to plan out a Blog calendar. Search for popular topics of interest that speak to your customers. If you used to work at one of those old-fashioned daily newspapers like I did, now’s the time to brush off those story assignment skills. It’s important to make the topics ones that will genuinely help your customer base. Google can sniff out a marketing puff piece a mile away so make your content valuable to your reader, a sales pitch for a product or service. And keep on adding them, at least once a week.

It’s been fun talking to you about SEO. Drop me an email at if you have a question. I wish you lots of luck on your new website!

Denise Hartman is the SEM director for JP Enterprises Unlimited. She lives in the South Side Slopes of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband Bill, son Teddy and cat Charlie.

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