You Wouldn’t Use a Bicycle Chain for a Chain Saw

Not if you value your safety and the performance of your chainsaw. Instead, you’d choose a chain made exclusively for chainsaws and take comfort in the knowledge that the company that crafted the chain had one single purpose in mind for it and, over the course of decades, used that focus and expertise to research, test, redesign, and modify it for continuous improvement and to meet changing needs. Even better, it’s the #1 chainsaw chain in the industry.

If that logic makes sense for a tool, does it not also apply to the most important tool for higher education? — your school’s website? Omni CMS is the singular-focused and exclusive tool for university websites, and the company that makes it, Modern Campus, has been meeting the needs and priorities of higher education as its singular purpose for more than 20 years. With that being said, I guess you figured out which content management systems are the bicycle chain? (Hint… Every CMS not named Omni CMS.)

At JP Enterprises we are proud to be a partner with Modern Campus as an official design and content partner within Omni CMS. Modern Campus and JP Enterprises have teamed up to inspire your prospective students to take a journey engaging them every step of the way from admission through alumni donor. We will accomplish this with a design and dynamic content to showcase your voice and unique story to bring in the most innovative and brilliant students to create new legacies at your school. We will leverage research, discovery, metrics, and analytics to effectively connect Gen Z and your target end user through our design.

Include the design with secure modules researched and designed by Modern Campus to engage and increase conversions of Gen Z,  robust features and capabilities, customization to tailor your digital engagement engine designed specifically to engage a modern higher ed learner, personalization of a next-generation system allows you to display targeted content to visitors based on their behavior or location, easy to use and manage, and finally comes with unparalleled award winning continuous support.

Together we will drive urgency to apply or enroll, increase engagement of your entire community, and improve performance through data and analytics to increase your enrollment. Create the web experience your school’s community expects and deserves.

Bryan Nemec oversees Sales and Business Development at JP Enterprises (JPE). Creating a Higher Education Division at JPE was a major initiative from the start for Bryan and creating the partnership with Modern Campus was instrumental to that initiative.

For decades JPE has provided marketing strategies and solutions for Fortune 500 companies that compete worldwide in the industrial and tech industries. This experience matches perfectly with the change in Higher Education.

Now, with schools competing globally for the best international students (and faculty), plus the introduction of World Rankings, the competitiveness of the industry is like that of Fortune 500 companies. JPE’s experience and Modern Campus’s dedication to Higher Education combine to create the ideal solution for helping you ensure that your school isn’t left behind.   

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